High School Startup
Think critically, solve problems, become a change-maker. Be entrepreneurial. Start something up. Startup High School isn’t just about business. The programme aims to drive students to do great things in any area that interests them, and to feel empowered to make change happen. It presents the opportunity for school children to learn skills and build professional networks in any field they are passionate about, from business to charity work, the sciences to journalism, event organisation to NGOs – the possibilities are limitless.

Anxiety and bullying are the main threats to students’ wellbeing and ability to learn. A solution is to create a safe and encouraging learning environment with supportive teacher and positive peer relations. The key is social skills. MIghtifier boosts those via teaching students how to recognize and communicate character strengths from their classmates’ daily behavior. This improves the class spirit and wellbeing and the change can be followed with our Wellbeing Pulse. Mightifier is based on Finnish pedagogy and positive psychology and it has been co-created with Finnish teachers and students.

The Gaming Room
In the spring of 2017 the Gaming Room was opened in the English School of Helsinki. The aim of the Gaming Room experiment is too see how gaming can be incorporated into the studies of various subjects at school and how gaming can become an enjoyable and exciting part of the school day. Before the room opened, the best educational games were chosen together with Finnish gaming companies. The assessment was done in an expert group, which consisted of both students and teachers. The Gaming Room promotes student-centered and initiated learning, the use of technology in a pedagogically meaningful way to promote learning, collaboration between teachers and students.

Hautomo: Turning Passions Into Careers
Hautomo's goal is to provide creative talent in high schools a space to flourish in. As a high school course, it's students aim to realize new and interdisciplinary project ideas based on their own passions with the help of Hautomo’s partners, funding, as well as its student community. Being run by students who have filmed full length feature films, launched phones into near-space, and organized conferences with hundreds of attendees, this non-profit and its course is the result of realizing the importance such projects can have on preparing a student for the rapidly shifting future.

Fake, hoax, conteo & co.
The project fake, hoax, conteo and co. teaches students how to recognize and avoid disinformation and enables them to have a critical approach towards media contents (fake news, hoax, conteo, pseudo sciences, advertisments, films etc.). Students produce a webpage, pseudo documentary films, pseudo news and manipulated photoes collaborating with one another, using online applications. As a result, students’ media-consciousness develops, too.

Looking for Maugli
A Labyrinthine journey through the jungle. Getting to know people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and following their change with the use of eye camera, face reading system and drawing image analysis. The aim is Maugli’s development and for this purpose also the use of predictions based on understanding. A possible tool is linking hybrid solutions that have never or little been used so far and which make it possible to track changes in Maugli.

The award-winning SpecLearns software packs enhance basic and partial skills development. They will be introduced for interactive whiteboard, tablet and laptop use - also with eye-control! The exercises are of varying difficulty, the tracks gradually increasing and successive. Various modes of playing for 3-14 year old children. Motivation, positive reward, instant feedback, narration and learning without faults. Suitable both for individual and group development. The use of the software packs does not require qualification in special education.

Chess Palace on the Mother Ship
This unique special needs education program aims to strengthen the integration of children with serious learning disabilities. The method is based on the Montessori and the Kokas methods and employs gamification, the Judit Polgár Chess Palace educational chess programme and other IT applications in developing the children’s abilities. The learning process is characterised by a strict balance of digitalisation and manuality. The development of logical thinking and creativity is a key aim of the program.

Community Service at the Városmajori Gimnázium High School
Graduate students of the Városmajori Gimnázium high school in Budapest cover parts of their compulsory community service by mentoring younger students. They help the students either catch up with their studies or promote their talent. Mentoring takes place peer-to-peer in the school and relies on a new way of using the school’s intranet. The project is initiated and managed by the students and the teachers working closely together. Participating students at either side learn communication, empathy, teaching, responsibility and social solidarity during the service.

Together against maltreatment - The Finnish KIVA program against school bullying
The primary goal of the Finnish KIVA program is to win the community’s simpathy for the maltreated person, and develop students’ empathy and positive attitude. Our school is one of the three, which had the possibility to try KIVA program. The program treats school bullying, and relies on the latest reasearch results. It is methodologically well planned and the topics are processed with virtual study environments. KIVA is by now an organic part of our school’s pedagogical plan it provides major part of our form-master lessons.

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