Leena Pöntynen

Leena Pöntynen is a Finnish education specialist. She has worked as a teacher for musically gifted children and as a principal in a multicultural school in Helsinki.

For the last decade she´s been developing Finnish basic education and educational leadership first as Head of Education and Director of Education and Culture in the City of Ylöjärvi and then as senior advisor in The Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities. Pöntynen works with several institutions´ and companies´ advisory boards and she is passionate about making all schools find their strengths and making good in schools visible.

Pekka Peura

Pekka Peura is a Finnish educator and author who has been teaching physics and mathematics for 10 years. For the past 8 years Peura has been developing a model for personalized learning that could be adapted in every school and in every subject. The work is still in progress, but it has already strongly influenced thousands of teachers. He also regularly travels all over Finland to educate other teachers about developing their own ways of teaching and how to use computers in personalized learning.
In his keynote speech Peura introduces how he implements personalized learning, flipped learning and entrepreneurial education in his teaching at a practical level.

Ádám Horváth

Ádám Horváth is division head of the Methodological Center for Digital Pedagogy and Methodology in Hungary as of 2017. He has played a key role in the formation of DOS, the current 2016-2017 Digital Educational Strategy of the Hungarian Government. Ádám was acting head of education development in the ICT Association of Hungary until 2017 and worked for digital education since 2000, with leading companies as Microsoft, Lego and Promethean. He has been involved in numerous content development projects worldwide. He participated in the ’Sulinet’ Program (SchoolNet Program). Ádám’s chief professional interest lies in the international standards of digital learning.

Krisztina Bombera

Learning Reloaded will be anchored by Krisztina Bombera.
Krisztina Bombera JD works as a broadcast news producer and anchor, a US correspondent and a news show host at ATV Hungary. Mrs. Bombera is also a committed social activist, she worked with Hungarian NGO's for the last twenty years to help strengthen Hungarian civil society. Trained as a lawyer, she had shortly worked for UNICEF Hungary against domestic abuse and for children’s rights. Mrs. Bombera has written three books and has won several awards for excellence in journalism.

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